International Industry Forum ATOMEXPO  •  June 26-28, 2013

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Ilya Vergizaev, Director of JSC "State Specialized Design Institute" (GSPI):

"Atomexpo" is a comprehensive discussion platform for elaborating topical problems and directions of development of nuclear power sector on the high level. Without it there would be no feedback between state corporation management and enterprise as well as on the whole between Russian and its foreign partners. Just imagine that everyone of us is obsessed only with his own company and there is no exchange of experience and knowledge. In this case there would be no further development of "Rosatom". I participated in "Atomexpo" several times already and I am very positive about it.


Despite the sorrowful history of nuclear power sector which includes not only Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster but also Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, nuclear power sector has always been and will continue to be. The prospects of development are rather clear, it is necessary to stress out safe operation, handling and decommissioning of the objects with expired service life. GSPI is already working on this very large-scale market and has all the chances to succeed in it. Speaking of non-power nuclear technologies, they also have good prospects, because we are speaking of medicine (our institute, for instance, once designed proton-radiation treatment center on the basis of the city clinical hospital in the name of S.P. Botkin), technologies for sterilization of wastes, safety systems.


I am very happy to realize that simultaneously with "Atomexpo" Russia also holds high level International conference "Nuclear Energy in the 21st century" as this is one of the indicators that we are among the leaders of the global nuclear market. Despite our leadership we should not lose the ability to objectively evaluate our strategy and tactics. The world is changing very quickly and the way we organize our further steps in nuclear sector will impact our possibilities for moving forward.