International Industry Forum ATOMEXPO  •  June 26-28, 2013

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Yuri Shakhvorostov, chairman of the Board of "Ulba Metallurgical Plant" JSC (Kazakhstan):

Participation in "Atomexpo" forum is of great interest for each enterprise operating in the field of nuclear power. "UMP" JSC with its extensive history of interaction with enterprises of Russia and other participants of the forum for delivery of nuclear fuel components hopes to strengthen interaction with partners and, maybe, obtain new relationships in the field of nuclear power. The value of participation in the forum is in communication with the largest participants of the global nuclear fuel cycle which possess extensive experience of activities for production of nuclear materials.


Considering such a representative quorum and agenda of the congress and "Atomexpo" exhibition I suppose that the forum will help us find common points of view and solve discords in the field of nuclear law, environmental protection and social acceptance of nuclear power. The program of the forum will make it possible to consider issues in the field of international cooperation in NFC, handling of SNF, development of nuclear power. We will also discuss the problems of training of staff for Nuclear Power Plants, informing of population on nuclear power sector and its development.


The previous forum revealed great interest of all of its participants to its agenda. "Atomexpo-2012" took place one year after the Fukushima disaster, therefore a lot of issues on the agenda were related to the consequences of the disaster. The forum resulted in important conclusions for further development of nuclear power sector in terms of its security. And in spite of a vigilant attitude towards nuclear power the development of the sector is maintained.


Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster showed that safety of nuclear power plants requires utmost attention. It is necessary to reconsider some regulations in terms of safety of operation of nuclear plants. Despite this disaster nuclear power continues developing both in Russia and in the world, a significant number of nuclear power plants are under construction now.


Russia has a closed NFC and takes a special place in the global nuclear power sector. One can say that Fukushima rendered the slightest impact on it compared to the other players of the nuclear market. And even though some countries, for instance, Germany, decided to refuse from nuclear power plants, the development goes on. One can stress out development of nuclear power in China, India, etc. Besides there are new countries which want to enter the "nuclear club". The examples are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.


The most perspective markets of development are the markets of Asia: China, India, South Korea.


According to the World Nuclear Association (WNA) 288 new reactors will be launched before 2030 and it will be a 33% of "net" growth compared to the existing number of reactors (considering the fact that about 143 reactors will be stopped). The basic option of development of nuclear power sector envisages 62% growth of nuclear capacities by the year 2030, up to 600 GW. According to the WNA the countries of Asia will account for 40% of all the commissioned new nuclear power units while the main part of reactors that will be stopped for decommissioning are located in Europe (46%). Six countries will ensure 72% growth of nuclear capacities: China (24%), Russia (13%), India (11%), USA (11%), South Korea (13%).