International Industry Forum ATOMEXPO  •  June 26-28, 2013

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Vladimir Piminov, acting General Designer of JSC OKB "GIDROPRESS":

The target of participation in "Atomexpo" forum is the possibility to demonstrate prospective achievements of the enterprise, to obtain information on achievements of other Russian and foreign enterprises of the nuclear field. The forums which were held in the previous years ensured the possibility of communication with a large circle of interested persons, the possibility to obtain new business contacts.


Nuclear power will continue developing in the future. Considering the lessons of events on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant safety issues will be of special importance during design of new projects of nuclear power plants. The nearest perspective of development of nuclear power sector of Russia will be based on application of pressurised water reactor technologies. Further development is related to realization of projects of reactor installations with fast neutron reactors and gradual transfer to the closed fuel cycle.


The perspective markets of development of nuclear power are the countries in Asia, Africa, Southern America.


The Russian nuclear field is one of the leading in the world by the level of scientific and technical developments in the field of design of reactors, nuclear fuel, experience of operation of nuclear plants, qualification of NPP staff. The enterprises in this industry accumulated vast experience in solution of large scale tasks beginning with creation of the first world's nuclear power plant (1954) and development of fuel for it. The Russian projects of nuclear power plants with pressurised water reactors proved their reliability during the process of more than one and a half thousand reactor years of faultless operation.


Rosatom is one of the leaders on the global market of nuclear technologies. At the time being it simultaneously constructs several power units of the NPP in Russia and abroad.